Our desire is to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

With the CEC, no one is a failure, that’s the reason we’re here.

Capital Group founded in 2001, started activity in construction, shipping and new industries based on customer’s request. In the new phase, it entered the cryptocurrency market under the CapitalEagles brand and began official operations in this area in 2021. We have employed a rigorous fundamental research process that is the foundation of our success. We help you define, refine, and achieve the goals you set for your life, your family, your community – and the world. From organizing your money, to financial goal-setting. Introducing unique investment opportunities.

Summary of the CEC Project

The CEC Project, or Capital Eagles Coin, is a project designed by a professional team of international project programming and planning. Blockchain platform is the second of the 21 projects presented by this project. In the roadmap of this project, designed in the whitepaper of this coin, all the details of the above project designs are visible and presentable. In this project we will build the first human network that will play a significant role in this large international program and they will own the first shares offered by the owners of the industry. In general, the international CEC plan is designed to meet the needs of every person, everywhere in the world, to cover all personal and current needs of the individual in a special way. The public presentation of this coin will take less than 2 years and will be included in the list of special projects and in the list of every exchange in the world. We are the new pioneers in the industry when it comes to customizing and individualizing everything. A new revolution in the industry of production and presentation of human needs is being planned and carried out by the owners of this project, and all the companions of this path will share in the bright future of this great project.

CEC Network Structure

CEC is the fourth generation blockchain network, whose capabilities include the performance of its SQL-based intelligent system, capable of exceeding one million transactions per second, and the function of the DPoS model to improve performance and maximize network stability. One of its key services is the implementation of smart contracts that allow providers to offer their services and products to others.

The first step is to create a secure and independent platform to showcase the designs and ideas of innovators and inventors to build NFT for their designs so that they can be easily and securely shared with distributors and manufacturing companies.

In the second step, we create an unlimited platform for building and showcasing new technologies to the public with participation and public investment in a decentralized environment with a world-leading technology approach.

Why join CEC?

Become one of the first tokenized shareholders of the CEC.


The first Smart Platform in Network Marketing that is offered without a level limit.


In addition to networking and owning shares, you can benefit from the safe investment of money at CEC.


As the CEC smart platform project grows, so does your commercial position. This allows you to plan for the long term with CEC.


For the first time, you experience a smart project that can compete with all other network marketing plans.


You have invested in a dedicated CEC blockchain project that will be available to everyone soon, and you can enjoy a special place in the future of this project.


The world’s largest Blockchain platform, written by a professional CEC programming team, optimized for both power consumption and transaction speed, and has the fastest dapp in the world right now.


User-friendly space where all members can both effectively communicate with their user panel and track all calculations.


without malicious and contract-destroying codes, either automatically or manually by the project providers themselves.


It has an attractive and precise plan that not only does not weaken as it grows, but becomes stronger and more powerful for everyone, whether they are networkers or those new to this industry.


An independent and unmediated project, unrelated to the previous projects of this company, so as not to be affected by external events of this project.


The project contract is based on CEC, and due to its specificity and the first structure codes of this contract, due to the abuse of profiteers, this project will not be offered as a source for up to one year, and you can continue your activity more and more without competitors in this industry.


Belongs to all people and can be presented to all residents and citizens of the global village.

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