Is anyone losing money in Capital Eagles?

Capital Eagles professional team seeks to preserve and grow the capital of all users by intelligently understanding the financial markets.

How many CEC coins will be created?

10,000,000,000 CEC coins will be created, of which 1,000,000,000 units will be distributed via the MLM development platform and 500,000,000 via staking.

What is the purpose of burning CEC in MLM?

1- Depending on the package purchased, different services will be offered in the future.
2- For every 10,000,000 units burned by members, the price of CEC increases gradually (details will be presented soon ).

What is the company's revenue plan?

The company has several plans that you can download from the link below.

Why in the blockchain space?

Because of the transparency and security of this space and the possibility of creating an independent space for users to work in this system without restrictions.

What platform do you work on?

Our activity in the CEC platform is due to the high speed of transactions and its none cost.

How to invest in Capital Eagles?

By purchasing one of the packages, you sign your contract. This way you can invest up to $10,000.

Terms of the money back guarantee?

On the CEC platform, you can withdraw any CEC amount you have in your wallet whenever you want.
In the MLM plan, you can withdraw 50% of the amount after 3 years.
In the Stacking plan, you can withdraw the entire amount after one year.

In which sectors do you invest?

The main investment goes into the project.

with years of experience in the financial markets, we are constantly investing in different sectors such as manufacturing, technology, genetics, Big Data and Forex, Cryptocurrency, etc. to add value to capital.

Why is each CEC worth $1?

The CEC network is a stable coin worth $1 for one year from its presentation on November 17, 2021.

When is the introduction of CEC in other networks?

After the CEC solves the problems of the experimental network, it will start to create its own token in other networks. By providing its own wallet, the CEC coin will be listed on decentralized exchanges and then on centralized exchanges and will have a swap function.

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